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 Working experience

Philips Lighting, July 2004 – present
Location: Eindhoven, Turnhout, Roosendaal, Oss
S&OP Professional, 2016 – present Supply Planner

Managing finished goods inventory - & production planning for EMEA OEM & consumer channel. mainly B2B
environment (OEM) and Distributors, supplied via multiple stock points in Europe.
Responsible for introduction complete new portfolio, with challenges of onshoring & components availability
and capacity outlook challenges. S everal awards for successful introductions new products.
Lead of S&OP process: challenge business assumptions; check & balance sales vs supplies scenario’s,
Improvements realized: several awards for successful introductions new products.
S&OP Professional, 2007 - 2016 Demand Planner

Leading S&OP process for special portfolio; 500 items; mainly B2B environment; Global sourcing, supplied via
multiple stock points strategy. Part of FDA Quality regulations.
Challenge business assumptions; sensing/shaping/shifting demand; dealing with volatile demand, like for RFQ EU projects,
customer specific New Product Introductions, SC projects like VMI, outsourcing.

Improvements / projects realized according STAR method:
S) Non-compliancy for export according Indian Metrology Act rules & Sox Russia.
T) Implement specific labels at products in final RDC before delivery without getting financial penalties.
A) Organizing and aligning people, process, procedures and machines, maintain end update masterdata with India
and key stake holders, financial & orderflow reporting.
R) Organized for complete lighting portfolio additional labeling with monthly updates of price with changed routing
in warehouse and procedures, without hampering or delaying orders more than 2 days, included reporting to MT

S) Start S&OP process uncoordinated and unsupported by any system.
T) Implement S&OP process based on excel and implement in organization and specific reporting.
A) Setup via excel based per EMEA country, based on basic data, instruct sales how to use, communicate and
deploy. Learn, motivate and develop how to use. Work on collaboration, sharing and learning the S&OP process to
become a standard process.
R) Implemented reporting structure with 5% deviation between financial forecasting and logistical forecasting.

S) Supplied wrong (hazardous) products in market
T) Setup return process (recall) of all sold products of affected products and take care of 100 % replacement for
OEM, retail and customers.
A) Collecting data, provide input for market communication as well FDA & VWA, implement companies to perform
service for collecting and resending products. Track & trace goods, reporting and secure recall procedures.R) returned products from OEM, retail and customer without any new report of incidents.

S) Reallocation stock and production from NL to PL
T) Provide input and determine amount of stock for sales, stock and production during reallocation and keep
delivering reliability at 95%.
A) Collect data from market, Challenge business assumptions like sensing/shaping/shifting demand; dealing with
volatile demand, like for RFQ EU projects, customer specific New Product Introductions and future phase out.
R) Stock buildup within financial boundaries, healthy stock portfolio, sales 100% guaranteed.

S) Several times per year production stop due to missing components
T) Setup CPFR method and supply chain organization to avoid future production stop
A) Download and upload all Supply chain relevant data in Access tool. Output to excel for sharing and input for
local systems as forecast. Quarterly review and update of masterdata, financial reporting of SC value. All salesdata
and forecasting are translated to relevant production and component suppliers info, monthly update of stock,
sales and supplies.
R) No more production stop for past 5 years due to timely sharing of sales and stock variations in the supply chain.

S) Keep ownership of raw materials due to marketing reasons, but production at 3d supplier.
T) Setup subcontracting for raw materials in system with full logistics and financial reporting.
A) In SAP activated PP module, setup masterdata, procedures and organization for MRP raw materials via Bill of
material, stock and production of Finished goods at supplier in Germany.
R) Effective and efficient way of working with twice per year local stock checking for corrections.
Physical Distribution Manager , 2004- 2007
Responsible for invoicing, forecasting and annual budget process according Activity Based Costing via 4 PL
Managed staffing 5 persons directly and 23 persons indirectly. Identify & setup VAL activities for customer,
managed stock end products, components and chemical & waste;
Responsible for efficient inbound & outbound flows components and finished goods from / to warehouse;
Responsible for Customs; KPI- reporting; Improvement projects; zero-defects; Transportation.
S) Implement new way of working with scanners in warehouse activities
T) Introduction of working with scanners, procedures, testing equipment and education of personnel
A) Besides project team activities take care that people are not reluctant for acceptation new IT systems, R)
Installed buddy teams for education, safeguard and finetune acceptance and actively signals deviations in
activities, procedures and IT systems. Quick acceptance by all members and rapid solutions for first problems.

EMPV, Electric Motor Power Vehicles 2008-2011
 usiness development for introduction of electric motorcycles from USA
Preparation Customs, RDW approval and final stage production at NL company.
Promote business with fairs, presentations, website and all other promotions.

Yacht Technology Aug. 1999 – Jun. 2004
Interim Professional
Interim Project management in logistics of production and warehousing.
 Responsible for project results organization, quality, timing and –communication.
 Projects done:
1. logistics engineering warehousing; 3PL took over activities & organization.
2. Warehouse manager retail in FMCG operation due to closure warehouse.
3. Implementation of the function logistics manager in high tech Industry.
4. Implementation of an ERP system in warehouse environment for storage & small customer specific
5. Logistics manager in High tech production mass- & innovation environment.
6. Improve RMA process for high end tech consumer goods

SVL Feb. 1999 – Jul. 1999
Operational Manager
 Responsible for operational management and implementation new ERP software, after a few months the
company filed for bankruptcy.
Logas BV Feb. 1998 – Jan. 1999
Warehouse consultant
 Education and implementation of warehousing administration and customs software at several customers in
NL. Warehousing for sea and air transport, specialized in customs entrepot C ;

ZAVIN BV Jan. 1996 – Feb. 1998
Operations manager
 Responsibly for staff planning, maintenance planning and purchase maintenance-related services and
products, responsible for safety & Health in a 24/7 of 5 teams with 15 people.
 Improvements realized:
1 Implemented software for maintenance & services purchasing and production data.
2 Improved efficiency maintenance vs maximized production output.
 Organizing social events
Education and qualification

Bachelor, Economics, Logistic Management
Hogeschool Rotterdam & omstreken, Dordrecht

High School Technics
CHR. Middelbare Technische School, Dordrecht
Member of VLM
Bestuurslid roeivereniging Breda
 MS office: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook
 SAP PR4, SAP APOFollowed courses (with success)
 4C Problem solving
 Lean Advanced Management,
 Value Stream Mapping Advanced
 Projectmanagement
 Financial Management for Non-Financial
 Greenbelt
 PBE- auditor
 Introduction customs
 VCA Basic
 English: fluently write and spoken
 Dutch: fluently write and spoken (mother language)
 German: learning

 Supply chain Management
Effective leadership
Proces management
Performance Management
Transport & Forwarding Course

 E- purchasing
continues Improvement
Introduction AS400